Wednesday, 12 April 2017
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Afro Cuban All Stars

THE AFRO-CUBAN ALL STARS (ACAS) is a unique orchestra; devoted to promoting the complete story of Cuban music. With each show the orchestra exposes Cuba’s rich musical history interpreting all of its musical genres.

ACAS founder and director, Juan de Marcos Gonzalez has realized a lifelong dream with his orchestra; THE AFRO-CUBAN ALL STARS, he has developed much more than an musical group, the orchestra is an institution. Juan de Marcos stretches his creative wings; fusing contemporary, traditional and in essence, the future styles of Cuban music.

His formula fluidly adjusts and changes the orchestra’s line-up of musicians to best reflect the different styles of music from the various eras the band features in their performances. The ensemble captures the undeniable spirit of Afro-Cuban music with the potent mix of driving percussion, a powerhouse horn section, with piano, bass, tres, guitar and incomparable vocals. Each and every performance is unique and dynamic, you get a set designed for you, the audience in each show. The current line-up of ACAS consists of the finest Cuban expatriate musicians in the world today, all alumni of Cuba’s greatest bands. THE AFRO-CUBAN ALL STARS electrifying performance pays tribute to Cuba’s popular music marrying the past with the present in the grandeur and grace of the world’s greatest orchestras.


The Moore Theatre
1932 Second Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101