Wednesday, 18 November 2015
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Flamenco Casa Patas: "Flamenco Frequencies"

Created by Karen Lugo

"Like every existing thing in the Universe,
we vibrate. We cannot stop.
We do not want to stop.
We strive to raise our own vibration and
that of our surroundings.
Flamenco is our ally,
a young spirit that is constantly expanding;
absorbing and transforming the vibrations
of all that it encounters.
Through movement, the sound of singing
and musical instruments,
we emanate emotions in their most pure
vibrational frequency through space,
harmonising with our own vibrations and those of others.
The vibrations of flamenco attract other similar vibrations.
When these interact, they expand further, transcending genre,
time and space. If you are already in this space,
then flamenco frequencies are already."
--Karen Lugo

Adults -
Seniors -
Groups .40 - .80

For group tickets, please contact the box office at 360-753-8586

*Plus the standard Washington Center service fee


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