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Our CD
Los grandes éxitos de Lengua Rica:
Featuring 19
original Spanish Instructional Songs
Lengua Rica
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Lengua Rica

Have you ever had the experience of forgetting nearly everything you learned in a foreign language except for the few songs you were taught? That is so normal!

Music and song are highly memorable and motivating. Music makes learning fun. Songs take advantage of the rhythmic nature of language and employ repetition to reinforce speech patterns. Song singing requires that a language learner reproduce the language, so it increases one's fluency.

At Lengua Rica, we perform the songs from our CD live. They form an integral part of our curriculum. We encourage students to learn them, but we also hope they are inspired to write their own, and sometimes we have them do just that!

On the CD, each song is labeled with its own grammatical or functional learning objective and is geared toward students at a particular proficiency level. This is indicated beneath the title of each song.

AND THE SONGS ARE NOT INFANTILE! The songs' music, content, and humor are specifically geared toward adults and mature teens.

The songs are designed to supplement teachers' Spanish curricula, in the spirit of Schoolhouse Rock. They make learning Spanish fun.

Ethan Rogol: mandolin, lead vocals
Grace Cox: bass, vocals
Ryan Sowers: guitar, keyboard, vocals
Engineered by Amy Greene

All songs and music written by Ethan Rogol with the exception of Una boca; first verse, traditional, second verse, Ethan Rogol.

What teachers are saying about Los grandes éxitos de Lengua Rica:

"I used the 'Justicia' song... with my Advanced students during my principal's observation, and they all LOVED it!!! Thanks again!"
-- Krista Swenson, Cyberschool, Edmonds, WA


"Thanks so much for this CD. I have used a couple songs in class. My students' favorite by far is 'En la Mañana.' I also used 'Tengo un carrito' to help teach direct objects. It is a very useful CD in that it is organized grammatically. I plan to use 'Hola Clase' next year, and 'Arriba, Abajo' also looks good."
-- Jeremy Clark, Timberline High School, Lacey, WA
Lengua Rica
Beginning Songs Language Objective
Hola clase Names ( a welcoming song)
Domingo a las dos Time, days, months, seasons
La comida Food
Mi familia Family relationships
Hola, ¿cómo estás? Greetings, farewells
Una boca Body parts
Arriba, abajo Adverbs of locations
Intermediate to advanced Songs Language Objective
El mundo de mañana Future tense
Cartas de amor Indirect object pronouns
El cuerpo Anatomy
En la mañana Reflexive verbs and pronouns
Yo tenía hambre Preterite and imperfect tenses
El justiciero Emergency vocabulary
Algunos alimentos Food
La naturaleza Earth science
Tengo un carrito Direct object pronouns
Vamos de compras Shopping
Venga aquí mi hijito Imperative mood
Lengua Rica

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Lengua Rica

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