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Lengua Rica: Local Events

Opportunities around Puget Sound to expose yourself to the Spanish language, Spanish-speaking cultures, and issues from around Latin America.



Lengua Rica


CIELO Seeks Volunteers!

CIELO=Centro Integral Educativo para Latin@s en Olympia

-Homework Club tutors. Someone who can commit to two days a week preferable, Mondays and Wednesday 6:30-8PM and Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-8 (though on Tuesdays and Thursday the volunteer times are being broken up into 4-6 and 6-8. On these days there are computer, GED, literacy and sewing classes but no English classes. Therefore the HW Club size is smaller on average). The ages range from 1st grade to high school though I have found that the bulk of kids coming in around from about 2nd-6th grade. It does help to have bilingual tutors or tutors with some Spanish capability because every now and then we do have kids who have just recently arrived from other countries.

-Early Learning volunteers. Same times as listed above. CIELO is looking for a person who is interested in working with 3-5 year olds in early learning activities and play.

-Front Desk volunteer. This is a more of "stuffing envelopes" position. Responsibilities include answering the phone, greeting those who enter, printing new forms. We are looking for someone who is available at least 12 hours a week during our open office hours 12-8. You could say that this is a great position for resume-building and one would have more of an opportunity to speak Spanish.

CIELO is looking for people who can be flexible. One day we may need someone for Early Learning but the next time we may really need them in HW Club. However there will be explanation of their roles if any change occurs so nobody is left in the dark.

CIELO is looking for people who can be flexible. One day they may need someone for Early Learning but the next time we may really need them in HW Club. However there will be explanation of their roles if any change occurs so nobody is left in the dark.


1601 North Street SE
Olympia, WA 98501


Lengua Rica

Special Events In And Around Olympia

[nothing here at this time]


Lengua Rica

Ongoing Local Events

3rd Saturdays

Monthly Flamenco Performance


Pizzeria La Gitana
581 Capitol Way

Monthly: First Mondays, 6:00 PM

Olympia Spanish Conversation Meetup

"Casual, fun, relaxing events for getting together and practicing your Spanish�maybe never quite "perfecting" it, but getting just a little bit better each time, while meeting fun, kind, and interesting people (people like you!). Native Spanish speakers who would enjoy helping people learn their language are also welcome!! If you really enjoy using your Spanish, and enjoy meeting other people who like Spanish as much as you do, we would love to have you join us.

We meet on the first and third Mondays of each month, because your weekend is probably already busy, and having something to look forward to on Monday just allows that weekend feeling to last one day longer!"


Varies. See the Olympia Spanish Conversation Meetup web page.


Lengua Rica

Events/Groups Outside Of The Olympia Area

Portland Events

[nothing here at this time]

Special Tacoma Events

[nothing here at this time]

Special Seattle Events

[nothing here at this time]

Seattle Events Links

[nothing here at this time]

Ongoing Seattle Events

Weekly Sunday meetings, plus frequent events on other days

The Seattle Spanish Society

S3 holds weekly 'Group Intercambios', which are casual discussion groups for both native English and Spanish speakers to meet and practice their two great languages.

S3 meets at a bar. This does not suit some people. If you are such a person, please think very deeply and for an extremely long time about whether you will become despondent that we do not meet at a church or library. Of course, if you know of any churches or libraries serving a wide variety of domestic and imported beer, maybe we could work something out...

That said, we are pleased to invite you into the prestigious and glorious ranks of the Seattle Spanish Society! Please get started by viewing our short orientation video.


Varies. See The Seattle Spanish Society web page.

Ongoing Tacoma Events

Club Español de Tacoma

"Tacoma Spanish Club is simply a group of both native and nearly fluent non-native Spanish speakers that get together and socialize in Spanish. Just show up and (in Spanish) we will welcome you and include you in our conversation. The only rule is NO English! This meetup is mainly for advanced, nearly fluent and native Spanish speakers. Beginning Spanish speakers are very welcome to come and listen, but unfortunately we cannot speak English to you to include you in the conversation because our goal is to speak Spanish only. The native speakers can help with a word here and there if you need it, but we cannot provide full English interpretation. We laugh a lot and make it fun. The only way to get better at Spanish is to keep speaking it. Don' t worry too much about making mistakes just come, relax and have fun."


Varies. See the "Club Español de Tacoma" webpage.


Lengua Rica

Past events

Author Talk with Felicia Luna Lemus
Msica Tradicional Apasionante: Mexican Music, Live (for families)
Law Of Desire
Super Amigos
Made in LA
The National Tour of Evita
Immigration Caf
Peru Negro
Eddie Palmieri in Concert
Plan Colombia: Cashing in on the Drug War Failure
The Roots of Migration: Free Trade, Debt and Survival in Nicaragua
Maraca and The New Collective
Paul Anastasio
Self Determination and Self Expression in Oaxaca
Gloria La Riva
Made in LA
Father Rafael Gallego
Live Pablo Menndez Radio Interview
Talk: Pablo Menndez on Cuban music & the Cuba blockade
Los Lobos Acoustic
Oaxaca Film Event & Discussion
Afro Cuban Allstars
Immigrants' Rights Fundraiser
Witness for Peace Northwest Speaker Tour
Teatro Chicana with Hijas De Su Madre
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
El Viejo y Jesus: Profetas de Rebellion"
No Volvern
Latin American Solidarity Conference
Equinox Feast Spotlight on Latin America
Fiesta en el C.I.E.L.O.
Lo que me toc vivir
Immigration & the NW Detenion Center
Talk: The Struggle for Self Determination in Guatemala
NW Latin American Solidarity Conference
A Struggle for Justice in Latin America
The Heartsparkle Players present: Ancdotas de Nuevas Tierras (Stories of New Lands)
The Backlash Against Immigrants: It's Not Just Arizona!
Sin Fronteras
Living and Traveling in South America
Family Fundraising Party for Kusi Kawsay School in Pisac, Peru!
Travel to Nicaragua with the Thurston-Santo Tomás Sister County Association in July
Celso Duarte Sextet and special guest Laura Rebolloso
Venezuela and Colombia: Love or Hate?
Tales and Treats from Mexico, Central and South America
Salsa at the Fountain
Salsa at the Market
"Make Olympia" Downtown Street Market
Ciro Hurtado
Tablao Flamenco
Latin music withQUETZAL
Author Talk: Reyna Grande
Film: "Precious Knowledge"
Talk by lex Gmez, Salvadoran Labor Leader
Granito: How to Nail a Dictator
Talk: Latin America's Challenge to Neoliberalism
Talk: A Nation at Risk: Drug Wars, Democracy, and Dependency in Mexico
Talk: Honduras: Attacks on LGBTQ & Unions; Rising Resistance Front!
Stories of Women Making a Better World: Their Struggles, Successes & Resilience
Che: Part One: The Argentine
Che: Part Two: Guerrilla
The Devils Backbone (El espinazo del diablo)
Land and Freedom
Los Folkloristas
Open House at CIELO
Carlos Núñez
TALK: Rivers for Life: Cultural Resistance to the Xalalá Dam NISGUA Fall Tour 2014
Nicaragua Community Delegation to Nicaragua Trip Info Night
Salsa Night presented by Jalapeño Productions
Film: Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados (Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed)
Nueve de Mayo
Talk: Cuba and Cuban Women Today
Talk: Anarchist Propaganda in Chile
TALK: Cuba May 2015 – Cultivating Compassion: Lessons to Learn
Bilingual Kids Concert with Nathalia
Thurston-Santo Tomás Sister County Association Annual Gathering
Talk: Studying Medicine in Cuba
Picoso Album Release Party
Last Saturday Salsa & Latin Dance
Building the Food Sovereignty Movemente, Creating a Solidarity Economy
celebración del día de los muertos
Pollinating Ríos Vivos
$1.50 Pupusas!
Spanish Horror Film: ¿Quién puede matar a un niño?
Flamenco Casa Patas: "Flamenco Frequencies"
Wolf Haven: Salvando Vidas
Fundraiser: Olympia to Nicaragua
Salsa & Latin Dance
Forever Tango
Rumba Party
¡ALTO A LAS DEPORTACIONES!: Immigrant and Refugee Solidarity
Los Flacos
Sin Fronteras
A Night with Nicaraguan Neighbors: Stories, Potluck Dinner, and Dancing
Cultural Exchange Night
Thurston-Santo Tomás Sister County Association Annual Spring Plant Sale
Mt. Rainier Trip
Gran Fiesta Latina
19th Annual Tango by the Fountain
Mexican Independence Day Dance
Los Hermanos Arango
Venezuelan People's Power & Sex and Gender Diversity Movement
Day of the dead celebration
Thurston-Santo Tomás Sister County Association Fantastic Annual Rummage Sale
Correo Aereo
Celebration of the Thurston-Santo Tomás (Nicaragua) Sister County Association
CIELO open house potluck
Book Reading: "Tropical Immersion" at Wide World Books
CIELO and Immigrant Stories of Olympia with Charo Garcia de Portaro
Día de los muertos celebration and fundraiser
Concert: Las Cafeteras
Paella Picnic for the People
Costa Rica Immersion Experience 2019 Info Night
Workers Assembly on Immigration
Savannah Fuentes' Northern Lights Fall Flamenco Tour
Oro sólido
Dia de Muertos: A Mexican Celebration to Remember Our Departed
Art Exhibit: Francisco Goya and Juan Genovés
Bomba Estéreo
Mariachi Flor de Toloache
Celebrating Hispanic & Latino Cultural Heritage
Ezequiel García: Growing Up in Public
Afro Cuban All Stars
Las Cafeteras
Concert: The Gipsy Kings


Lengua Rica

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Interpretation, and Translation Services
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